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Looking Deeply

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

In order to share my beliefs and experiences, this section will be more personal. This is a bit against my nature, but I'm hoping that my sharing will help my grandchildren know me better and also possibly benefit someone else.

Divine Worth

I was blessed to grow up in a home where I came to know that I have a loving Heavenly Father. This relationship was natural and comforting to me. I could pray and He would be there. A lot of my understanding came from having a loving father who helped me to visualize what a Heavenly Father would be like. I am sure this is why I have very strong feelings regarding the role of the father in the home. One of my memories that illustrates this is when I was in high school. I remember being at school, thinking about something that I was planning on doing during the weekend but then seeing an image of my father looking at me with loving disappointment. I couldn't bear the thought of disappointing my father and quickly decided that I wouldn't be doing what I had planned. (I can't remember what it was, even though I have tried.) Having this experienced has often caused me to reflect on a similar desire to please my Heavenly Father as well. To me, seeing our true value requires a relationship with God, for he sees us perfectly and desires us to see ourselves in His perfect light. I suspect that if we were to pray to see our potential, God's view of us as we are right now would be even greater than we ever suspected our potential to be. The challenge we have is our limited vision.

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