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If you've tasted fireweed jelly, you know it is well worth the effort to make. Considering how much effort it takes is a symbol of how important it is to help each child entrusted in our care preserve the knowledge of their tremendous worth. The challenge is that we often zoom past, enjoying the view but not taking the time to stop and preserve what is growing before our eyes. This site is devoted to creating and finding items to help you find ways to share and preserve those precious moments throughout the growing season.

Gospel centered puzzles
Fridge magnets
Olive Wood product line


Natural Branch

Olive Wood Ornaments 

Ye are a branch of the House of Israel

Let God Prevail


These ornaments are made from a branch of an olive tree grown in Bethlehem that was pruned in order to encourage it to remain productive. Each ornament comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Olive wood certificate.jpeg

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