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Fireweed and more

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Preservation of Divine Worth

Driving along the Alaskan/Canadian Highway in late August, one is treated to blankets of bright magenta carpets created by a flower known as Fireweed.  Many Alaskan wild flowers are small and inconspicuous, but the fireweed can’t help but be noticed. It is so bright that it could be assumed that the name is because of the color rather than because they are one of the first plants to return after a fire. Although it blankets entire fields, it isn’t easily controlled. All I could do when it appeared in my yard was help it have room to flourish where it chose to be. Although the petals don’t last very long, the color can be preserved and enjoyed when made into jelly. This jelly isn’t without effort because of the hundreds of tiny petals that are required. Each small petal needs to be plucked and then steeped, creating a jam that is not only tasty, but beautiful to look at. 

Symbols I see:  

Considering Fireweed jelly can help remind us of how important it is to help each child entrusted in our care preserve the knowledge of their tremendous worth. The challenge is that we often zoom past, enjoying the view but not stopping. This happened to me on our trip this year. I didn’t take time to stop along the way, thinking there would be fireweed in Anchorage, which there weren’t, so I missed the opportunity of gathering enough petals for jelly. Hopefully we realize what's important before it’s too late. Children grow up quickly. Our challenge is to not be rushing so quickly that we miss the opportunity of gathering them close, helping preserve what is unique and special about them. I want to take the opportunity of letting my grandchildren know how special they are. I want to hold them close and share my thoughts of when I first held them in my arms. I want to share my deepest desire that they preserve all the beauty and sweetness that they possess, letting them see and taste its goodness. My ability to do this seems to be best realized by helping them come to know God, whose child they really are. We need to help them see themselves as God sees them. This is a lot easier to do if you see your own Divine Worth.

Ideas of how to help them remember their Divine Worth

Let them taste fireweed jelly while describing how much you love them and your feelings of when you first held them in your arms. Express your desire that they know their beauty and divine worth. (See section "Looking Deeply" to get more details about my thoughts on Divine Worth).

Teach them about their creation and how important they are in Heavenly Father's plan. (Use Plan of Salvation puzzle).

Give them an "I Am a Child of God" magnet, sharing your feelings that they are loved eternally.

Give them a "Remember...." magnet, expressing your love with the desire that they always remember who they are and their divine worth.

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