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Linda and Lee Coy

About Us

Some think we're kind of crazy, but we enjoy driving to Alaska, having done so many times. It gives us time to talk, dream, plan, and just be together without any distractions. On one of our drives to Alaska, we were talking about family, life, and what we could do with the talents that God has given us. It was while thinking of these things and looking at the beautiful scenery, especially the roadsides blanketed with the vibrant magenta fireweed, that I expressed the desire to stop and pick armfuls in order to preserve the color in our favorite jelly made out of the blossoms. I wasn't sure how the blossoms would last, however, so we decided to wait until we arrived at our destination in Anchorage thinking surely the flowers would still be plentiful. I was disappointed to discover when arriving there, however, that they were past their prime and I had missed the opportunity. This thought brought me to this website's purpose of taking the time to grow and preserve what is most important - our families. It takes a lot of time and effort, but is so worth it. So, this site is dedicated to making and finding items that we hope will give you opportunity to reflect on what is good and beautiful and that you will share these things with your family. We hope you will place these beautiful items around your home and yard so they become readily available during those precious teaching moments and that your family will grow closer from these moments, preserving happy memories to carry you through the winters of life.

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