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These wooden bowls are perfect for pasta, rice, snacks and more!  There are no chemicals or sealants on the wood. They are all natural and coated with only olive oil.


Olive wood is a hard wood making if very dense and durable for everyday use.  Olive wood is nonporous– germs and odors are not retained.  All products are made from a single piece of wood—they are seamless and no two pieces are alike.

Snack Bowl

  • Whether empty or filled, a life is beautiful and must be cherished. In actuality, the bowl isn't really empty. It is filled with a most necessary element - air. Each of us, no matter how small, adds to this world a beauty that should never be overlooked or forgotten.

  • DIMENSIONS: 5" Diameter

    MATERIALS: Olive Wood

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash and polish with food safe oil

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