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The Serving Board is a unique board.  One side can be used for chopping and the other side can be used to serve your guests.  The center is slightly scooped out to create a serving tray look and feel. The board has a slight edge to keep your food contained.


Olive wood is a hard wood making it very dense and durable for everyday use. Olive wood is nonporous so no germs or odors are retained. All products are made from a single piece of wood- they are seamless and no two pieces are alike.

Charcuterie Board/Serving Platter

  • The serving platter reminds us of one of the most spoken of subjects taught in the scriptures - that of service, referencing that by serving others we are also serving God. Service often requires a sacrifice which, when done with a pure heart, transforms the doer and the receiver "to make sacred" the service. (Latin sacrifico; sacer, sacred, and facio, to make.)

    The beauty of this piece is felt along with being seen - very similar to when service is done out of love.

  • DIMENSIONS: 16"-17" Long  (width will vary throughout board) 

    MATERIALS: Olive Wood

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash and polish with food safe oil

    NOTE: No two pieces are the same.  The photo is just a sample not the actual board you will receive. 

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