The Spurtle is perfect for flipping, stirring and serving food and is safe on non-stick surfaces and stainless steel. The original purpose of the Scotish spurtle was to keep lumps from forming in the porridge. 


Olive wood is a hard wood making it very dense and durable for everyday use.  Olive wood is nonporous so no germs or odors are retained.  All products are made from a single piece of wood—they are seamless and no two pieces are alike.


  • If anyone has eaten porridge with lumps, you know it isn't a very pleasant discovery. We used to call it "a flavor burst". We also hear about lumps of coal or lumps on our body. None of these things are very pleasant. We all need to have "a spurtle" that keeps things smooth and flowing well. A spurtle is like a peace maker. Who is the peace maker in your family? A good object lesson would be to make porridge with and without lumps and see the benefit of having a spurtle!

  • DIMENSIONS: 12.5" L

    MATERIALS: Olive Wood

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash and polish with food safe oil