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The Citrus Juicer is a great tool to extract the juice from lemons and limes.  


Olive wood is a hard wood making it very dense and durable for everyday use.  Olive wood is nonporous so no germs or odors are retained.  All products are made from a single piece of wood—they are seamless and no two pieces are alike.
To care for the wood, hand wash with soap and water, then coat with olive oil or mineral oil often.


  • Lemons, limes and grapefruit add an extra zest and zing to food, bringing a taste of summer. They also help when feeling a bit down from a cold. To get the most out of these fruits, it takes a bit of rolling, squeezing, and prodding. Too much can be a bit overwhelming, however, necessitating the need to add water and a touch of sugar. Life is like that. A little bit of bitter can help us but it is also good, as the old adage recommends that "if life serves you lemons, make lemonade."

  • DIMENSIONS: 5.5" L

    MATERIALS: Olive Wood

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash and polish with food safe oil

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