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The perfect vessel for dipping oils, spreads and spices.  Use them for separating salt and pepper, herbs, garnish or condiments. No two pieces are alike, making your collection one-of-a-kind. (small bowl and spoon sold separately)

Dipping Dish

  • There are several symbolism possibilities with the dipping bowl. One is found in 2 Kings 5:14 with the story of Naamon, the Syrian, who comes to Elisha to be healed of leprosy. He was angry at first because Elisha wouldn't come to him personally but sent word for him to wash in the river Jordan that wasn't even part of his own land. With the help of his servant, he decided to go and did dip himself seven times in Jordan, according to what the prophet had suggested. The results were that "his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child, and he was clean."

    There may be good opportunity to discuss this story while using the dipping bowl, finding out what Naaman's concerns were and how following the prophet helped him. 

    Other symbolism possibiities:  salt, herbs, oil

  • DIMENSIONS: 5" Diameter

    MATERIALS: Olive Wood

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash and polish with food safe oil

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